Release 2014.5.0 supports most recent APR Modifications

Xcalibur is pleased to announce that release 2014.5.0 supports the most recent APR modifications to include Support Services. SCRIBE is setup to meet the needs of next year’s APR.  The service participation report will display Support Services.  There is no need for you to change any data that is stored in SCRIBE currently, the report … Continue reading

Release 2014.5.0 is now live!

Xcalibur is pleased to announce that release 2014.5.0 of SCRIBE is now live! New Match Tracking Module Added SCRIBE now allows you to track personnel and non-personnel match.  Contact SCRIBE support to get more information and set up match tracking for your grant. New User Management Module at the Grant Level SCRIBE now allows you … Continue reading

Release 2014.4.0

Xcalibur is very excited to announce that SCRIBE v2014.4.0 is now live! Updated Filters and Fields Include No Participation – This filter has been moved to below the Service Category filter. Participation Adding Student Participation – You can now add participation to an existing service within past school years from the student-participation tab. Browser Update … Continue reading


Back to School 2014-2015: The Student Enrollment Import

Well, summer is gone and back to school shopping is done. School is back in session! Now that school has begun and students are enrolled in your respective school, it’s time for Student Enrollment Imports! What is a Student Enrollment Import? This file is a list of ALL students enrolled at the beginning of each … Continue reading

Release 2014.3.0

Xcalibur is very excited to announce that SCRIBE v2014.3.0 is now live! New/Updated Filters and Fields Participants by Program(s) – Formerly known as Program(s) filter. This filter will now show all programs within your instance, with the added benefit of being able to filter by “Not in any Internally Tracked Program(s)” which returns participants that … Continue reading

2014 NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference in Washington, DC

Xcalibur will be attending the NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference on July 20-23, in Washington, DC! If you’re attending the conference, please come visit us at our booth! Jim, Stacy, and Curt will all be on hand to answer any questions that you have about SCRIBE and demo some of the features!

Release 2014.2.1

We are always working on ways to make your experience with SCRIBE as easy as possible. To offer the best support possible, we not only have major releases but we have (as with this release) minor service releases as well. This brings us to Release 2014.2.1! We have added/updated: Custom client specific reports Student Demographics … Continue reading

Release 2014.2.0

Xcalibur is very excited to announce that SCRIBE v2014.2.0 is now live! New Reports Course Enrollment Report – This report shows the number of students for the selected school(s) who are enrolled in a course for the selected school year. Service Types to APR Category Mappings – This report (PDF/Excel) shows the APR Service Type Name and … Continue reading

Release 2014.1.0

Xcalibur is very excited to announce that SCRIBE v2014.1.0 is now live! New/Updated Features Now when using Create Service from Service Template, users will be redirected to the Service Details page after creation of the Service. Before this update users were redirected to the Service Template List. STEM tracking has been added to Services. Services … Continue reading


I Have 99 Questions and SCRIBE’s Online Survey Can Digitize Every Last One

Survey time is now upon us! If you haven’t given us a copy of your surveys for 2013-2014, you need to soon! Clients who have not taken advantage of SCRIBE’s ability to create online versions of their surveys may have some questions, like: How would using SCRIBE for our surveys be useful? SCRIBE allows you … Continue reading


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