Welcome to the “SCRIBE For GEAR UP” Blog

Xcalibur has been involved with the GEAR UP community since the very beginning, and we as a company have always striven to provide excellent service and support for our customers.

In that same spirit, we have felt the need to establish a social presence to give further access to the Team behind SCRIBE for GEAR UP so that users may interact directly with the men and women who develop and run the system. SCRIBE for GEAR UP users will be able to get up-to-the-minute announcements of new and upcoming features and releases, be able to participate in live demos and workshops, share their experience with other GEAR UP grants and find out what has worked for them!

On the SCRIBE for GEAR UP Blog you will see…

  • “How to…” articles and videos on how to effectively make use of features the system hosts of which you might not even be aware!
  • A calendar for web based workshops through which we’ll answer questions more specific to you and your grant.
  • Guest bloggers from other GEAR UP grants who will write about their own personal experience using SCRIBE and may surprise you with some ways to utilize the application that you hadn’t expected!

We at Xcalibur have a sincere interest in providing assistance and guidance to GEAR UP grants as they move from just collecting and reporting on data for accountability and compliance purposes to using that data they have collected to be able to improve their grant by using the evaluation of the data to align GEAR UP services with student needs.

The SCRIBE for GEAR UP Blog will provide SCRIBE users a variety of resources and tools to help them achieve this and give them a better understanding of how their data can be used.

We have a lot we plan to share with you and want to take this opportunity to Thank You for visiting our site and using our program!

Take a few minutes to check out a few of the features that we have hosted here and take this opportunity to join our SCRIBE for GEAR UP Community by bookmarking this Blog, “Liking” us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

Photo: “Books to be Returned” by Hash Milan. (CC BY 3.0) <http://www.flickr.com/photos/hashir/936394705/>


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