Personalize User Settings to Fit Your Needs!


Have you ever wondered if there was a way to decrease the amount of pages you have to go through to find a student or a participant?

GOOD NEWS, there is. You can set how many items you see per a page based on the type of item you are viewing. You have the opportunity based on your permissions to change the amount shown per a page of the following items:

  • Districts
  • Schools
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Services
  • Service Participation

You can set each item individually for instance you may want to see all the districts shown on one page but only see 40 students per a page. You can set the number per item. The range of items displayed per a page increase in increments of 5 all the way up to 40. Additionally, you can also set the display range to “All”.

Note: As the number of items per page increases, load times may also increase depending on your connection speed. Although showing all the Districts, Schools or even Teachers at one time will probably not slow down the display of these items. Displaying all Students or Service Participation at once is not advised.

The steps to do this are simple. On the User Menu bar at the top of the screen, there is a “My Settings” item. Hovering over it as demonstrated below will allow it to show “My Account” and “My Settings”. Click “My Settings” to continue.

Once you have selected the “My Settings” the following screen will appear. This screen shows you the number of items you currently have set to display. Click the Edit button in order to change these values.

Use the drop down box next to each item to choose the amount of items you want to have shown per page.

Click the Save button and you are all done. Now didn’t we tell you it was easy.

We hope that this in-depth look at personalizing your own user settings  helpful and makes your work in SCRIBE that much easier. If you have any questions about our system or the process, please respond in the comments below!


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