I Have 99 Questions and SCRIBE’s Online Survey Can Digitize Every Last One

Survey time is now upon us! If you haven’t given us a copy of your surveys for 2013-2014, you need to soon!

Clients who have not taken advantage of SCRIBE’s ability to create online versions of their surveys may have some questions, like:

How would using SCRIBE for our surveys be useful?

SCRIBE allows you to integrate your annual Student, Parent and Teacher surveys into your program’s records quickly and easily.

SCRIBE offers a survey module complete with status reports so you can keep track of who has and has not completed their student, parent, or teacher survey as well as reports and exports detailing responses.

What do I need to do in order for SCRIBE to create a digital version of my surveys?

Implementing your program’s surveys can be done simply by sending us a copy of your paper survey.

What can I expect SCRIBE to do with my surveys once I send them copies?

After we receive it, we can create a digital version using all of the most popular question types as well as skip logic and branching, hiding questions from survey takers that do not apply to them based upon previous answers. A great benefit of using SCRIBE for your surveys is the variety in question formats. Three of those options are shown below as Multiple Choice, Yes/No, and Fill In the Blank.

Here’s a look at what your online survey will be like:





Does SCRIBE also offer Spanish versions of the online surveys?

Yes! All you need to do is send us a copy of the Spanish version of your surveys and we will create a digital version.

What if our program still wants to use paper surveys as well as the digital version?

In addition to online surveys, we can also add the totals from your paper surveys as well using the Export Survey Results Key to configure a file to import those results!

SCRIBE’s reports and summaries are so helpful, will these functions be a part of the SCRIBE survey process?

SCRIBE can create summaries like the Incomplete Survey Directory. This summary shows the number of all Students, Parents or Teachers who have not completed the specified Survey, if the percentage goal requirement has been met. Additionally, a list of the individual survey takers who have yet to take the survey is provided within this report as well as all of the information needed for these persons to log in and take the survey.

Incomplete Survey for Students

If you are interested in using SCRIBE for your surveys, we would be more than happy to help with the process. We can even host a demo for how our survey feature works. Please contact us for details.


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