New Features for SCRIBE 2017.1.0


GEAR UP Annual Performance Report (APR)

New reports have been generated to help GEAR UP grants complete the APR.  These reports provide grants with the data and format need to drop values directly into the APR portal.  Each report aligns to a specific section of the APR.

  • Five new reports have been added to assist clients with the new APR template:
    • Section III-Grant Administration and Budget Information-FAFSA Data
    • Section IV-GEAR UP Demographic Data
    • Section V-Data Regarding GEAR UP Activities OR Data Regarding GEAR UP Activities (Version 2 Group by ServiceType Name)
    • Section VI-GEAR UP Student Outcomes OR GEAR UP Student Outcomes (Split Courses)
    • Section VI-Student Progress by Standardized Test
  • Three service type have been remapped per the new APR format.
    • Tutoring is now a stand-alone APR Category. It has been pulled out of “Supportive Services”.
    • Educator participation has been mapped to Professional Development as Curriculum Development is no longer reported separately on the APR.
    • Student participation in Family/Cultural Events has been mapped to Workshops because Family/Cultural Events is no longer an APR category.
  • Users will see four exit codes in SCRIBE that should be used when a student exits the program and at the end of each school year: withdraw, dropout, retained, and promoted. The exit codes are now flagged with an exit code type.

Live Chat

  • SCRIBE users in need of additional support can now use the Live Chat feature in SCRIBE. Users will see this feature in the bottom right hand side of all SCRIBE screens.  Click here to be connected to SCRIBE Support in real-time.
  • Note: When an agent is unavailable, the Live Chat window will not appear. Create a SCRIBE Support ticket.


New Student Enrollment Demographic Elements

Two new data elements have been added to the Student Enrollment screen:

  • Homeless
  • In Foster Care


User Views

Many of the user views have been updated to be more aligned with the permissions of the user.


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