Xcalibur has been supporting GEAR UP since 1999 and has worked with grants in Maine, Ohio, Kentucky, DC, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Texas.

The Challenge: Xcalibur had been supporting GEAR UP grants for years to facilitate data collection and preparation of the Annual Performance Report. While the process and tools that Xcalibur supported were helpful in generating the APR, it was still difficult to manage the data flow and to use the data for more than just creation of the APR each year. We at Xcalibur felt that there had to be a better solution!

The Solution: The Xcalibur team went back to the drawing board, identified the best features of the tools that we had developed, reviewed the elements that needed more work, and discussed what else was needed to make a tool that would be useful to GEAR UP grantees at every level when reviewing student data. The result was the development of the SCRIBE for GEAR UP product!

The Benefits: SCRIBE for GEAR UP is extremely useful to all levels of users within GEAR UP, and getting data into the system has never been easier! SCRIBE works extremely well on your mobile device (iPad or Android), imports your data from other school information systems that you connect with, and provides a variety of reports and exports that make reporting to management and the Department very easy.


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