I Have 99 Questions and SCRIBE’s Online Survey Can Digitize Every Last One

Survey time is now upon us! If you haven’t given us a copy of your surveys for 2013-2014, you need to soon!

Clients who have not taken advantage of SCRIBE’s ability to create online versions of their surveys may have some questions, like:

How would using SCRIBE for our surveys be useful?

SCRIBE allows you to integrate your annual Student, Parent and Teacher surveys into your program’s records quickly and easily.

SCRIBE offers a survey module complete with status reports so you can keep track of who has and has not completed their student, parent, or teacher survey as well as reports and exports detailing responses.

What do I need to do in order for SCRIBE to create a digital version of my surveys?

Implementing your program’s surveys can be done simply by sending us a copy of your paper survey.

What can I expect SCRIBE to do with my surveys once I send them copies?

After we receive it, we can create a digital version using all of the most popular question types as well as skip logic and branching, hiding questions from survey takers that do not apply to them based upon previous answers. A great benefit of using SCRIBE for your surveys is the variety in question formats. Three of those options are shown below as Multiple Choice, Yes/No, and Fill In the Blank.

Here’s a look at what your online survey will be like:





Does SCRIBE also offer Spanish versions of the online surveys?

Yes! All you need to do is send us a copy of the Spanish version of your surveys and we will create a digital version.

What if our program still wants to use paper surveys as well as the digital version?

In addition to online surveys, we can also add the totals from your paper surveys as well using the Export Survey Results Key to configure a file to import those results!

SCRIBE’s reports and summaries are so helpful, will these functions be a part of the SCRIBE survey process?

SCRIBE can create summaries like the Incomplete Survey Directory. This summary shows the number of all Students, Parents or Teachers who have not completed the specified Survey, if the percentage goal requirement has been met. Additionally, a list of the individual survey takers who have yet to take the survey is provided within this report as well as all of the information needed for these persons to log in and take the survey.

Incomplete Survey for Students

If you are interested in using SCRIBE for your surveys, we would be more than happy to help with the process. We can even host a demo for how our survey feature works. Please contact us for details.


SCRIBE Spotlight: Quick Links

Xcalibur is constantly working to make your experience in SCRIBE better. Our newest way of accomplishing this is Quick Links.

What are Quick Links?

Instead of going back through SCRIBE and trying to guess where you have been, the new Quick Links feature will remember for you! Quick Links are a list of Districts, Schools, Students, Services, and Teachers that you have recently visited that can be viewed from the SCRIBE Home screen.

Quick Links can be viewed by clicking "Home" on the Main Menu.

You can find your Quick Links by clicking “Home” on the Main Menu.

 How do Quick Links work?

When a user visits a District, School, Service, Student or Teacher, that page is stored as a Quick Link. By default, the 5 most recently visited of each of these entities appears on the list. Users can click on any of the choices presented in Quick Links to go to that specific page within SCRIBE.

To revisit a recently viewed student, simply click that student's name on the Quick Links list.

To revisit a recently viewed student, simply click that student’s name on the Quick Links list.

I’ve been seeing stars in the top left-hand corner of my District, School, Service, Student, and Teacher screens. Do they have anything to do with Quick Links?

Yes! Those stars allow you to mark a District, School, Service, Student, or Teacher as a Favorite. This means that once you click that star, that item will remain on your Quick Links list until you unclick the star.

Set an item that you visit often as a favorite by clicking the star next to its name.

Set an item that you visit often as a Favorite by clicking the star next to its name…

...then it will continue to appear at the top of your list until you deselect it!

…then it will continue to appear at the top of your list until you deselect it!

That sounds like it might be useful, can you give me some examples of when I would use Favorites?

Let’s say that you have a Service that is frequently attended. Instead of taking the typical steps a user would use to get to the Service each time, you can now click the star icon by the Service’s name on the Service Details screen. Once a District, School, Service, Student, or Teacher is chosen as a Favorite, it will appear in Quick Links until it is deselected on its respective Details screen.

Another example would be if a user is working on inputting some information for a Student, or Teacher and they have to leave their computer for lunch, its the end of the day, etc. the user can mark the District, School, Service, Student, or Teacher they are currently working on as a Favorite and it will appear in their Quick Links the next time they log into SCRIBE.

What if I want to continue working on something at home or on another computer, can I still view my Quick Links and Favorites?

Absolutely! Your Quick Links are connected to your user account and can be viewed from any computer, allowing you to pick up right where you left off.

That’s great, but I would really like to see more than 5 links at a time…

Users can modify how many pages show up in their own Quick Links.

1. Mouse over User and select My Settings.


2. On the My Settings screen a box will appear that shows the number of Quick Links that are shown for each page type. Click Edit to change the number of Quick Links that will be shown on the SCRIBE homepage.


3. The user can now change the number of Quick Links they would like shown per type. Once a number is decided on, click Save.


Are there any SCRIBE features, old or new, that YOU would like us to spotlight in our blog? Let us know in the comments below!

Introducing the New SCRIBE Help Desk

SCRIBE Help Desk

Last week we sent out emails to all GEAR UP Directors and Coordinators, announcing the debut of SCRIBE’s new Help Desk.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we will endeavor to keep it a success!

What makes the new SCRIBE Help Desk so great?


  • Tickets are immediately seen by all help desk agents at once which decreases the response time to your questions!
  • Users can create tickets for their individual questions and requests, thus allowing them to track their progress. To help expedite resolutions, we suggest submitting individual tickets for your questions and requests.
  • All ticket conversations are saved so that you may refer back to them at a later date.


  • Our Solutions page offers in-depth explanations of SCRIBE Features, Imports, Reports, and Exports.
  • When multiple users ask the same or similar questions, those questions (and our answers) get added to the FAQs section.
  • We have added how-to videos from our YouTube channel for many of our most valuable features in SCRIBE.
  • All of our Solutions are searchable so you can quickly and easily find all the articles relating to your particular question or situation any time of the day or night!

There’s no need to create an account because your SCRIBE Help Desk username and password are the same as the ones you use to access SCRIBE.

Help Desk Login

You can login today at xcalibur.freshdesk.com.

Please make sure to add xcalibur.freshdesk.com to your safe/white list to avoid emails from SCRIBE Help Desk being sent to your junk folder.

Making Contact Has Never Been Easier!

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services to you, our clients; and following through with this, we are happy to announce two new and improved ways to contact SCRIBE Support.

We now have a direct phone number specifically for client support: (571) 933-6977.

We have also implemented chat support via Skype — be sure to add SCRIBEHelpDesk to your Skype contact list!


Get Skype and call or chat with the SCRIBE Help Desk for free!

SCRIBE 3.0 Now Live!

The New SCRIBE Homepage

Xcalibur is very excited to announce that SCRIBE v3.0 is now live!

This version includes a host of new features and a new user interface.

User Enhancements

  • New Login Page
    • Even before you login you can check out the latest SCRIBE news, a suggested schedule when to process your data, and Xcalibur Contact information.
The New SCRIBE Homepage

You can now see the latest news and features from SCRIBE right on the homepage!

  • New Look
    • We have updated the SCRIBE color scheme and the look of many of the application’s controls
  • New Menu Items
    • To save users time, we have included shortcuts on the menu to allow easier access to some of our most used features
    • Your Service List can now be accessed directly from the “Services” option on the menu bar
    • Now you can search for Students without accessing an entire list using the “Student Search” function
New Menu Items

The improved menu bar now features Services and the brand new Student Search function.

  • List Sorting
    • In the Student and Service Lists, you can now drag any of the column headers to the top of the list and your list will sorted by the column header you brought to the top. Do this with more than one header to really customize your view!
Sorted Service List

The Service List in this picture is sorted first by Person Type, then by Service Type so the user can easily see what type of services are being performed for Students, Parents and Teachers.

  • Improved User Settings
    • You are no longer limited to just choosing how many items you see on a page, each list and page now saves your settings from the last time that you viewed it. For example, not only will your newly configured sorting of the Service List be saved, but it will also remember that you want to view 40 services per page instead of the default 20.

New Program Features

  • Multiple Program Tracking
    • Track students and services from multiple GEAR UP grants and other programs within the same system. Even if you are only tracking one program, this feature will allow you to quickly filter lists of services and students to display only those who are in your program, not in the program, or both.
  • Integrated Survey Module
    • The SCRIBE survey module has been fully redesigned. You now ability to track your student, parent and teacher survey responses within SCRIBE and generate new reports to tell you who has or has not taken a survey.
  • Document attachment
    • Attach documents and pictures relevant to your programs to Services, Students and more then mark them with tags such as “Invoice” and “Backup Documentation” so that you can quickly and easily find them in the future.

You will also most likely notice that some features of SCRIBE that you may be used to have been relocated. For example, Student Status is now attached to an individual School Year and has been moved to the Enrollment tab of Student Details. Replacing it on the Student Demographics tab is Program Enrollment where you can track the school year the student was first and last enrolled in a specific program.

We will be highlighting many of SCRIBE’s new features here on our blog in the coming weeks and holding SCRIBE community discussion in the SCRIBE Forum on Facebook.

As always, if there is anything that we can do to help, especially as you transition to the newest version of SCRIBE, feel free to contact us at SCRIBESupport@xcalibur.com.

Watch How-to Videos located on the Xcalibur SCRIBE channel!

SCRIBE is now publishing “how-to” videos on the “Xcalibur SCRIBE” channel on YouTube!

For step-by-step guides on how to create Student Groups and adding participation to Services head over to the channel and Subscribe!

Is there a video guide you would like to see? Leave us a comment describing it below and you may see your video idea on the channel and the blog.

In the meantime, here is a video describing some of the upcoming features in SCRIBE you will be seeing very shortly.

Save Time and Money With SCRIBE’s Survey Module

Save Time and Money With SCRIBE’s Survey Module

Xcalibur is proud to introduce SCRIBE’s newest feature: the integrated online survey system!

Tired of spending several days stuffing envelopes with student and parent surveys? SCRIBE’s new survey module saves you from all the extra work and postal expense by providing you with a link to your survey within SCRIBE’s Client Portal.

Once the survey has been opened up to your survey takers, monitor its completion progress with SCRIBE’s survey reports. In real time, you will be able to see how many students, parents, or teachers at each school still need to take the survey to meet your completion goal. Additionally, the incomplete survey reports will actually identify which of these individuals still need to take the survey as well as give you the information they need in order to log into the system improving your completion rates!

After the survey has been completed, SCRIBE provides detailed reports on the survey results for grants, districts, and schools while keeping individual survey taker’s identities anonymous.Not only can you open up the annual Student and Parent surveys at the same time, you can also create multiple surveys for the same person type. In SCRIBE’s Client Portal, survey takers will see all of the surveys that are available for them to take. When they finish one, they will be returned to the Client Portal so that they may take another or allow the next person waiting to take the survey to sit at the computer to take it.

For a free demo of SCRIBE for GEAR UP’s survey module as well as all of the other

Let Our Experience Work For You!

SCRIBE for GEAR UP – Survey Module (PDF)

Let Our Experience Work For You!

Each day this week leading up to the 2012 NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference, we’re going to take a look at some of the key features that SCRIBE provides. Today, we want to give you an overview of who Xcalibur is and what SCRIBE can do for you.

Let Our Experience Work for You

Adding Service Participation via the iPad

We have provided support for GEAR UP programs for over 11 years. Xcalibur has tracked students at more than 1,000 schools and sites across the country, and SCRIBE has assisted in the tracking of over 150,000 GEAR UP students.

All Of Your Data, All In One Place

The SCRIBE system allows GEAR UP grants to have easy access to all of their data from virtually any location. Want to check your survey results in real time from your home or office? With SCRIBE’s security features, you can open up the web app without worrying about your data being lost or stolen. Need to add student and parent participation to a family
activity in the school’s cafeteria? Simply log into SCRIBE with your wi-fi connected laptop or tablet. You can even use your phone to access your data because SCRIBE is platform independent!

SCRIBE Provides the Following Features and Much More!

  • Integrated Surveys and Survey Reports for Students, Parents, and School Personnel
  • Comprehensive Service and Participation Tracking
  • Tracking for Course Grades, Standardized Tests, and Assessments (Such as ACT’s PLAN® and EXPLORE®)
  • Tracking of multiple educational programs including GEAR UP, EAOP, and TRIO
  • Project Management Reports and APR Reports and Exports Among Many Other Report Types
  • A Painless Import Process Allowing You to Import All of Your Data in Just a Few Hours
  • Customization to Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Assistance with Constructing Your Grant’s Work Plan
  • Technical Support Available Over the Phone, Web, and In-Person

In short, SCRIBE is your all-purpose tr

acking software solution for GEAR UP, TRIO, and other educational programs.

If you would like to ask any questions about SCRIBE or schedule a demo, please contact us at sales@xcalibur.com or (703) 896-5700.

Let Our Experience Work for You!

Xcalibur/SCRIBE for GEAR UP Overview (PDF)

Welcome to the “SCRIBE For GEAR UP” Blog

Xcalibur has been involved with the GEAR UP community since the very beginning, and we as a company have always striven to provide excellent service and support for our customers.

In that same spirit, we have felt the need to establish a social presence to give further access to the Team behind SCRIBE for GEAR UP so that users may interact directly with the men and women who develop and run the system. SCRIBE for GEAR UP users will be able to get up-to-the-minute announcements of new and upcoming features and releases, be able to participate in live demos and workshops, share their experience with other GEAR UP grants and find out what has worked for them!

On the SCRIBE for GEAR UP Blog you will see…

  • “How to…” articles and videos on how to effectively make use of features the system hosts of which you might not even be aware!
  • A calendar for web based workshops through which we’ll answer questions more specific to you and your grant.
  • Guest bloggers from other GEAR UP grants who will write about their own personal experience using SCRIBE and may surprise you with some ways to utilize the application that you hadn’t expected!

We at Xcalibur have a sincere interest in providing assistance and guidance to GEAR UP grants as they move from just collecting and reporting on data for accountability and compliance purposes to using that data they have collected to be able to improve their grant by using the evaluation of the data to align GEAR UP services with student needs.

The SCRIBE for GEAR UP Blog will provide SCRIBE users a variety of resources and tools to help them achieve this and give them a better understanding of how their data can be used.

We have a lot we plan to share with you and want to take this opportunity to Thank You for visiting our site and using our program!

Take a few minutes to check out a few of the features that we have hosted here and take this opportunity to join our SCRIBE for GEAR UP Community by bookmarking this Blog, “Liking” us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

Photo: “Books to be Returned” by Hash Milan. (CC BY 3.0) <http://www.flickr.com/photos/hashir/936394705/>