Xcalibur is very passionate about being a trusted partner in the education community and providing the best data management and reporting tools and support available.  Xcalibur is lead by an accomplished and motivated team with decades of experience implementing and managing enterprise level data management and reporting systems.



Jim Brown – CEO

  As the founder of the company, James K. Brown represents the essence of Xcalibur.  Armed with the knowledge and a strong desire to create information technology tools so organizations could operate more effectively and grow their businesses, Mr. Brown established Xcalibur in 1992.  Mr. Brown’s versatility has proved invaluable to the company.  Not only … Continue reading Jim Brown – CEO

Curt Reese – CTO

Curt Reese has been with Xcalibur since 1999.  He has over 20 years of experience developing and managing enterprise level data management and reporting systems.  He has been the chief architect and lead developer of SCRIBE since the initial release and has intimate knowledge of all aspects of SCRIBE.  Mr. Reese is passionate about student … Continue reading Curt Reese – CTO